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Bringing Nixie tubes back to life

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Nixie Clock Nixie Clock

Nixies return after a 30-year wait.

The nixies are back again

The last nixie tube was made in the early 90s, when this beautiful technology was replaced by lower-cost alternatives. But production has now resumed in the Czech Republic.

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How it’s made

Today, we're running a small-scale production

The distinct look and functionality of our Nixie tubes trail years of design, testing, and refinement. Each is produced in a laboratory setting, with hopes to one day employ large-scale production means to ensure access for everyone.

First of its kind

Our first Nixie R|Z568M

More than 3 hours of handcrafted precision are invested into each individual nixie.

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  1. Measuring a Sizable 125 x 50 mm (that's a generous chunk of nixie tube)
  2. Digits are designed in the same look as original '70s nixie tubes.
  3. Hand made with attention to detail and long lifespan.