Dalibo r Farny

Nixie Tubes & Clocks Manufacturer

Bringing Nixie tubes back to life

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Nixie Clock Nixie Clock

Nixies return after a 30-year wait.

The nixies are back again

The last nixie tube was made in the early 90s, when this beautiful technology was replaced by lower-cost alternatives. But production has now resumed in the Czech Republic.

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How it’s made

Today, we're running a small-scale production

The distinct look and functionality of our Nixie tubes trail years of design, testing, and refinement. Each is produced in a laboratory setting, with hopes to one day employ large-scale production means to ensure access for everyone.

First of its kind

Our first Nixie R|Z568M

More than 3 hours of handcrafted precision are invested into each individual nixie.

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  1. Measuring a Sizable 125 x 50 mm (that's a generous chunk of nixie tube)
  2. Digits are designed in the same look as original '70s nixie tubes.
  3. Hand made with attention to detail and long lifespan.

Our Nixie Tube Projects

We love contributing to creative projects that highlight nixie tubes or similar experimental technology. Flip through some of our earlier and current creative endeavors.

Nixie Tube Professor

Dalibor Farny

I’m Dalibor Farny and, for the past five years, my life's been all about nixie tubes.

There are two areas that have always fascinated me, electronics and creativity in the form of hand craftsmanship. So when I discovered nixie tubes unexpectedly in 2011, while aimlessly browsing the internet, I started to experiment with this technology. My first working prototype came in 2014. And today, I run a small-scale production. (But it's only small for now.)

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