Bombe clock


The starting point for the clock was Alan Turings 'Bombe'. A giant electromechanical device made to help British cryptologists decipher Enigma Machine encrypted messages during WWII - built in 1939 at Bletchley Park. The Machine was rebuilt by the Welchman / Turing Rebuild trust, lead by John Harper who after speaking to on the phone, kindly agreed to let Paul Parry use some of their original Drawings...

Designed and manufactured by

Paul Parry | Bad Dog Designs


“After coming across Dalibor and his work in 2014 I was blown away at his efforts, perseverance and rugged determination to accomplish his dream of making Nixie tubes! I have followed Dalibor, and as my own journey into the Nixie world developed I reached a point where I was able to make use Dalibor’s wonderful creations. As a fan of Nixie tubes, you can’t put into words the experience when you first hold one of the tubes in your hand, knowing all the effort that has gone into making it. Dalibor is a pleasure to work with, and I insist on Dalibor’s tubes now for all my finest and most detailed pieces I make.”

Paul Parry, Bad Dog Designs director