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568x170x140 mm (22.4"x6.7"x5.5")


3200 g

Power adaptor voltage range

90-240 VAC 50-60Hz

Power consumption


Power input

5.5/2.1 mm DC plug, positive center

Input voltage

12V DC

Wi-Fi standards

2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Case material

Anodized aluminum with fine texture

Nixie tube material

Polished stainless steel, glass

Transport box size

69x35x25 cm

Transport box weight

13 kg

Our goal is to make products that last. Therefore we provide 10 years warranty for our clocks and nixie tubes. Learn more about the warranty.


We wanted a pure nixie design.

As much nixie as possible, as little of everything else as possible. Thus was born the Puri Nixie Clock.

What feeling does the Nixie clock give to your interior?


Time from the internet

The clock is connected to the internet, this helps it to stay always accurate. The clock can switch between summertime and wintertime automatically, according to the time zone customer selects.


Not as fragile as it looks

The clock is robust, it takes quite some effort to damage it mechanically. You can reliably lift the whole clock by the side nixie tubes.


Firmware updates

We continually develop functions of our clocks, and the system of automatic remote updates smoothly delivers the new features to your clock without a need for your action. This way, we can bring new functions to your clock a long time after purchase.


Designed for easy repair

The tubes are not as fragile as they look. They sit firmly in their sockets. But if needed, they are easy to remove and replace safely without exposing the user to high voltage. The clock is designed for easy servicing. We work hard, so you won't ever need this feature!

About Nixie tubes lifespan

Safe packaging

The clock always needs to travel a significant distance before they get to you, so we had to develop packaging that will protect it on its journey. We not only made the packaging functional but also beautiful to open.


Availability and Service

From where to where?
R|Z568M finished

In nixie clocks, we use our nixie tube which is the rebirth of nixie tubes in general after more than 30 years.

R|Z568M Nixie Tube

Cold to touch

Nixie tube doesn't produce heat, it stays at room temperature. The light is produced by cold cathode gas discharge in the gas around the digits, a very efficient process that converts most of the electric energy directly to light. Very little energy is wasted as heat.

Puri Nixie Clock | 6

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