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Option Europe USA
Puri4 – Silver In stock Delayed
Puri4 – Black-Silver In stock In stock
Puri4 – Black-Gold In stock Delayed
Puri4 – Black In stock In stock
Puri6 – Silver In stock Delayed
Puri6 – Black-Silver In stock In stock
Puri6 – Black-Gold In stock Delayed
Puri6 – Black In stock Delayed

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Puri clocks

We’ve paired nixie tubes with clean design.

The Clock App

History Meets The Modern Era

More than handcrafted art, we’ve incorporated the latest app controls into our nixies. Keep the real time, all the time, and easily personalize your display with your choice of three impressive digit-transition effects.

Clock mobile app

Technical specification


Dimensions (4 tubes)
379x113x140 mm (14.9"x4.5"x5.5")
Dimensions (6 tubes)
568x170x140 mm (22.4"x6.7"x5.5")
Weight (4 tubes)
1750 g
Weight (6 tubes)
3200 g
Power adaptor voltage range
90-240 VAC 50-60Hz
Power consumption (4 tubes)
5 W
Power input
5.5/2.1 mm DC plug, positive center
Input voltage
12V DC
Wi-Fi standards
2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Case material
Anodized aluminum with fine texture
Tube material
Polished stainless steel, glass
Power consumption (6 tubes)
7.5 W


Our goal is to make products that last. Therefore we provide 10 years warranty for our clocks and nixie tubes.
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