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Wherever you live, our nixie clocks will come to you.

Naše firma sídlí v ČR v srdci Evropy. Posíláme a servisujeme odtud hodiny. Rychlí servis hodin je pro nás důležitý. Proto se snažíme vybudovat servisní body.
Zatím vetšinu úkolů (tasks) řešíme u nás, ale polovina naší produkce putuje do USA. Jsme hrdí že tam můžeme spolupracovat s Nick Stock.

Shipping and service simulation map

When did it started?

Our cooperation with Nick, one of our very first customer, started in America in October 2020.

Nick was born in the UK and grew up with an Electronics Engineer as a Father. This led him to a Ph.D. in chemistry (obviously!), which he uses daily in his quest to find drugs for Cancer and other diseases. However, after building his first stereo system from kits at the age of 17 he was hooked on the smell of solder and building electronic kits. Discovering the wonderful warm glow of Nixie Tubes many years later and building more nixie clocks than any man has a reasonable need for, he now helps Dalibor and the team with US orders and service and repair issues.

What this cooperation will improve to you?

This service point bring valuable opportunities such as a rapid reduction in the risk of losing a shipment when delivered between continents or being damaged. Thanks to the bulk shipment, we have also managed to cut import prices of the nixie clocks, so you do not have to pay high customs duty.

Our external service point

We are constantly trying to get closer to you and that is why we have expanded our operation to include also external service point abroad with regular supply.
The American service point is located in California, and it covers all our orders, replacements, and repairs within the USA.

What's happening in service point?

Z obou servidních bodů se jak posílají hodiny, tak zde prochází případnými servisními procesy.
Co se servisuje?
Software poruchy, hadrware poruchy....
Ale děláme vše pro to, abyste našeho servisu nemuseli využít.
- odkaz na vývoj -

All the parths of nixie clock are always in reserve

We always keep a stock of all parts for clocks so we can quickly solve any failure and correct it or replace it.
If you have any questions, let us know.


Every clocks are firstly manufacturing and comleted in Czech Republic

Naše elektronka, která je tou září každých našich hodin, je znovuzrozením elektronky pro víc jak 30 leté prodlevě v jejich výrobě.

R|Z568M Nixie Tube
The castle in sunset

Our location

Our main production base lies in the Czech Republic, Europe in a chateau of a calm and picturesque village called Březolupy.