Packaging / Shipping

The adventurous journey of the clock

We think of all the things our Puri Nixie Clock might encounter on the way to you and how you might want to use it. We also want the actual packaging of clocks we send you to enhance your pleasure and underline the uniqueness of your order.

Double-layered packaging

Our clocks often travel to the other side of the world and therefore the risk of damaging is high. Air transport, ferries, and common road transport. These all led us to design a double-layered and safe packaging tailored perfectly to our clocks.

Perfect for every part of clocks

Foam outlining the surface of a whole clock with an excerpt for an envelope with the user manual, warranty card, and photographs of the clock production. All this is hidden in a beautiful black and hard paper box with a logo.
More sophisticated production processes, heating and gluing with an emphasis on cleanliness and detail, allow us to use the packaging as a gift wrapping.

Protective armour

The second layer of the packaging is a plywooden box of high durability with more foam fillings that protect the paper “gift” packaging. Altogether, this is some sort of armour protecting everything valuable inside.

Just open and enjoy

In this box you will also find an adapter used in your destination. We want you to just take the clock out of the box and enjoy it immediately.

What if everything fails?

If, despite all our care, something should happen to your parcel on its way to you, we take all responsibility and we will address any potential damage or loss by replacing parts or sending a new clock without any delay.