Nixie clock in the interior

The shining star of the interior

What feeling does a clock give to your interior

The warm effect of nixie clocks can be seen at first glance but the magical sight of numbers lighting up inside a vacuum tube that evokes a sense of "number movement" catches the eye almost magnetically and it is something very uncommon for today’s digital era.

Do you know the feeling when you stare into the fireplace as the flames dance, and you are so relaxed that time is not even a thing anymore? It may come to you as a surprise that you can forget about time even if you are looking at changing numbers on a nixie clock.

Puri Nixie Clock | 6

In the daytime

You do not have to worry that you get tangled into the magical nets of our clock during the day. But who knows? In the daytime, the clock is but a neat and decent interior accessory. It only draws attention to itself by a cautious “movement”, a change of numbers. But depending on the placement, it can be really unobtrusive.


The magic comes with twilight. The nixie clock is like a shining star of the interior and all eyes belong to it.

Puri Nixie Clock | 4

In the night

The glow of the nixie clocks stands out the most in the night. You can adjust its intensity via the application so the clock will not disturb you even in the bedroom. How do you want your clock to be made? – Depending on the location within the interior, we can make them a dominant or a subtle accessory.

Are you looking for a more modest clock?

The stoic nature of the Puri 4 may be the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for a dynamic clock, try the eye-catching Puri 6 with the seconds switching function.