Custom Nixie Tube for Keysight Technologies


Keysight Technologies is a well known American manufacturer of measurement and test instruments. I was super excited to find an email from them one morning. Daniel Bogdanoff's (Director of Product Marketing in Keysight) idea was to create a nixie tube with Keysight Technologies logo in it - they would use it for Keysight's Youtube Channel. The project of a custom nixie tube for Keysight technologies was an exciting opportunity to try and learn new things - especially the way how to make a cathode with large glowing area.

The regular nixie tubes have digits made of single lines – these are much easier to make glow evenly than large areas of metal. From what I tried before, the glow always tend to concentrate on some parts of large surface, avoiding the other parts. I got an idea to make the cathodes in similar structure as the anode screen – a honeycomb grid. And it worked!