Value Manifesto


Over the past 150 years, visual arts has liberated itself from ecclesiastical tutelage, secular censorship, representation, symbolism and ultimately material. From the middle of the 19th century to the present day, the struggle for autonomy has been at the forefront of the evolution of art. Art gained autonomy in most areas - with one exception: its own market. More than ever before, art has become a substitute currency and status symbol, a pawn in the hands of global economy: We are in the age of the fundamental economization of the artwork. The logical consequence is the Value Manifesto.

The Value Manifesto is the first crypto-multiple in the history of art. Each crypto-multiple of a limited edition of 250 units is represented by an Ethereum based blockchain token. The Value Manifesto leaves any symbolism behind and concretizes its self-purpose on its own trading value.

The reduction of the present artistic concept to its market value is a provocative statement in the ages of a hypercommercialized, multi-billion dollar art market. In the case of the Value Manifesto, the prices are not created and manipulated by galleries, auction houses, and collector circles, but by the real and unfiltered market request.

The value of the editions are determined by the Value Manifesto’s blockchain based, high-security web platform on which bids are accepted for the acquisition of a single edition. The value (defined in Swiss francs) can be seen in real time on the bidding platform and the Value Manifesto IoT decryptor displays, manufactured by Dalibor Farny.

The Value Manifesto serves as an interdisciplinary art project in the pioneering age of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. It is financed by a buyer’s premium of 21% of each and every transaction volume.