Trio behind the clock

The concept of the NX.2 clock originated from Stefan Kuonen, a member of Foundation Battenberg. The credit for the clock's design is attributed to Swiss designer Björn Ischi, who worked under the guidance of Stefan Kuonen. Our task was to develop electronics and manufacture nixie tubes.

About NX.2 clock

The NX.2 clock has an almost architectural feel. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that four of the six nixie tubes are configured upside down, giving it an unusual appearance. With dimensions of 590 x 250 x 170 mm, they could stand out in your living room.
Like our other clocks, the NX.2 is controlled via an app over WiFi and automatically syncs the time over the internet.

The uniqueness of cooperation

The entire NX.2 project is a collaboration between the Battenberg Foundation team and renowned designers. For 50 years, the Foundation has been educating people with physical or mental disabilities with a view to integrating them into the workforce. The NX.2 project became part of this effort and part of the manufacturing process, including CNC machining, photography, web design and packaging, was entrusted to these gifted individuals.

The limited edition caught the eye of Christie's

The NX.2 is a clock limited edition, available in only 13 pieces worldwide.
An interesting fact not to be overlooked is that one of these watches was auctioned by Christie's. The world's leading auction house for art as well as technical relics and collectible curiosities.

Auctioned at Christie's