A work made for Alfredo Jaar

We were privileged to create an art piece for the renowned artist Alfredo Jaar. This creation, titled Umashimenkana, is now on display as a part of a publicly accessible exhibition at the Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, where it can be viewed until October 15th 2023.

Hiroshima Art Prize

Every three years, Hiroshima city gives out the Hiroshima Art Prize to recognize contributions to peace. In 2019, Alfredo Jaar was chosen for the 11th prize, and as part of this award, he had the chance to have a solo exhibition at the Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art.


New nixie tube

The most significant hurdle we encountered was in the development of an entirely novel nixie tube. We christened it "H," paying homage to the initial letter of Hiroshima city, the inaugural location where it will find its installation.

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We Shall Bring Forth New Life

Alfredo Jaar's creation, Umashimenkana, finds its origins in a poem of the same name written by the Hiroshima survivor, Kurihara Sadako. Translated as "we shall bring forth new life," the poem resonates with a powerful message: even in the face of adversity and peril, people should aspire to nurture new beginnings.