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R|Z568M Nixie Tube

Crafting Nixie Tubes Since 2011

I was disheartened to learn that, after discovering nixie tubes in 2011, they were no longer manufactured. Still I had a desire to craft a clock with generous-sized tubes. And so began my research into making them myself.

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01 Carefully cleaned inner parts ensure long lifespan.

02 The original East German nixie tube font resurrects an era.

03 Crafted with attention to detail.


Big as a Can

Considered one of the biggest nixies, you’ll be hard pressed to find another with a more impressive profile or equally remarkable dimensions.


Handmade in the Czech Republic

Under our small-scale production, we invest 3 hours to craft each individual nixie tube by hand to precision.

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Six Years in Development

Our humble start grew into strong demand, which is why we’re making our production more efficient while maintaining artistic integrity. Since our inception, we’ve reduced fail rate to 2.3% and hope to open a small factory in the coming years.

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The Art of Making a Nixie Tube


37:49 - YouTube

  • “Hi Dalibor, I think your tubes are state-of-the-art.”
    Henrik B., Denmark
  • “Let me begin by saying I am a fan of your work. Your commitment to quality in the art of manufacturing nixie tubes is rare and valued by those who respect tradition and craftsmanship..”
    Kevin A., New Jersey, USA
  • "Thank you so very much for producing such high quality state of the art workmanship!"
    Steve G., California, USA
  • "Your tubes are truly a work of art and tech all rolled into one(retrocity)."
    Michael M., Michigan, USA
  • "I want to thank you for the great job you did in reviving the Nixie tubes. The number font is fantastic, the size perfect and the look is just out of this world."
    Adrian L.
  • "Two words will suffice: Absolutely Delighted !! Indeed, this is the most beautiful nixie tube I have ever come across. Attention to details from the packaging to the Nixie tube itself is simply incredible."
    Stephane L., Canada

Technical specification


Symbol height
50 mm (2")
Glass diameter
50 mm (2")
Base diameter
53 mm (2.1")
Cathode current (min).
5 mA
Anode voltage (min.)
170 V
Cathode current (max).
7 mA
150 g


Our intention is to make products that last. Therefore we provide 10 years of waranty for our clocks and tubes.
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“When you purchase our nixie tube, you’re helping us to keep nixie tubes alive. ”

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