R|Z568M Nixie Tube

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Our goal is to make products that last. Therefore we provide 10 years warranty for our clocks and nixie tubes. Learn more about the warranty.


Dear customers,

the R Nixie tubes are produced at the maximum capacity of our lab, which is around 50 pieces per week. Most of our nixie tubes are used in our clocks, some go to other clockmakers to existing projects.
We don't have enough nixie tubes to keep the individual tube orders open all the time, but we reserve some nixie tubes for individual purchases and make them available here - if you see "out of stock", there are no more left currently.
Replacement tubes are supplied with #1 priority.
We are thinking about how to increase our production in the future ;-)

Thank you for understanding,



All parts must be cleaned.

In vacuum tube manufacturing, cleanliness is everything. All parts are thoroughly cleaned before going to the assembly process.


As high vacuum as possible

After sealing, the nixie tubes are pumped to high vacuum. Induction heating is used to drive out the remaining gases faster, helping to achieve even higher vacuum.

R|Z568M Nixie Tube

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