Zen Nixie Clock


After several prototypes of clocks (ShanghaiTime clock, Solitube clock), Zen clock is first clock I managed to bring into real production. Our colon tubes (double dots) were developed specifically for this clock. Zen clock represents a turning point for our business, soon after introducing the clock, demand in my production increased finally allowing me to hire a glassblower and another employee, freeing my hands for future research and development.

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  • Zen Nixie Clock - side view
  • Zen Nixie Clock
  • Zen Nixie Clock
    Zen Nixie Clock
  • "I received my clock today and it is FANTASTIC! I sincerely appreciate the quality as well as the APP that you have developed - thank you!!!"
    Scott D., Hong Kong
  • "The attention to detail of this clock is fantastic, the glass cover is a work of art in itself. You all do an amazing job over there."
    Jerry J., Ohio, USA
  • "The first thing that I noticed was the really cool box! You have to know that somebody cares about what’s inside the box when even a shipping box is so cool and well-built. I was equally impressed with the internal packaging. As you can imagine, the clock arrived in perfect condition... even the glass! The clock is beautiful. You guys did a great job. I can tell how much care was put into the construction... it’s truly a work of art. I just can’t say enough good things about the clock. Thanks again! This is probably one of the coolest things that I own."
    Larré S., Maryland, USA
  • I see your clock multiple times a day and every time I see it, I smile. It is one of my most prized possessions. I love my clock. You’ve done such a great job bringing back a piece of history which is so cool. I have lived in Silicon Valley all of my adult life, worked at Apple for 25 years and Memorex for 5 years before that and then Lockheed before that. I’ve seen the technology go from Nixie Tubes to what we have today. Your clock bridges all that time for me and is a reminder of how far we’ve traveled, yet how beautiful some of the old technologies are."
    Alan J., California, USA
  • "The clock is a fantastic thing. I am proud to own a handmade work of art produced by such a dedicated entrepreneur."
    John F., United Kingdom
  • "It is a beautiful work of art - thank you again for your creation and re-developing such a historical piece of tube technology, now integrated into today's technology. We cannot stop staring at it!"
    Bruce C., Canada
  • "Hi Dalibor, clock has arrived. Totally worth the wait. It is a piece of art to treasure for a very long time."
    Tracey M., United Kingdom
  • "Thank you for shipping my Zen clock! It's truly a fantastic piece of art. I absolutely love it! You're truly a master craftsman!"
    Justin C., Arizona, USA
  • "I’ve received my ZEN Clock and it looks FANTASTIC! The packaging and unpacking instructions were great, even the box and packaging it was sent in was a piece of art. Thanks a lot to you and your team, it shows how much love and care has gone into creating this clock. What a great job! It is just gorgeous. The clock got a very prominent place on the sideboard in the living room. I’ve had family over on Sunday and they also liked it very much, even though they are usually not into my “geek stuff :)"
    Bruno E., Switzerland
  • "I have been looking for years for a suitable clock for my lounge and the reason I chose the Zen was because it ticks all the boxes for functionality. And also because it is simply stunning to look at. The pictures on your website show the clock in excellent detail, but it's not until you actually see a real clock that you realise just what a masterpiece it is; well done!"
    Steven C., United Kingdom
  • "It is amazing how much different the clock looks with these colon tubes. Just …. complete. I would like to thank you all for this amazing product. I appreciate the time and the effort, and I am sure it was not always easy, that went into making the Zen clock."
    Evert B., Netherlands
  • "Clock arrived and it is everything I hoped it would be. The quality and elegance of the construction just blows me away. It combines technology and refined art in a single package. Then let's talk about the software. The ease of use and clean functional design is a perfect complement to the hardware."
    Paul P., Guam
  • "The clock has arrived with no problems and looks fantastic. Packaging was really fantastic, makes it feel like a premium product (which it is) and protects really well.
    Thanks you for a fantastic product."
    John R., Denmark
  • "I kept one clock and it is everything I imagined; the second clock was a gift to a good friend and its beauty brought tears to his eyes. Thank you for creating such a masterful work of art."
    Bill J., Canada
  • "I received the clock, and it is in perfect condition. It's truly a work of art! I am very happy to own it."
    Thomas B., USA
Zen Nixie Clock - side view