Sturnus clock

Explore Sturnus clock, a unique creation in the field of Nixie clocks, designed by Daniil Kondratyev and complemented by Dalibor's nixie tubes and electronics.

Only one piece

Our original intention was to make a small clock series. The production turned out to be extremely difficult, mainly because of the use of heavy hard steel. The rolled plates were slightly bent and had to be ground flat and all assembled together. The 40kg of steel took a month to grind. This weight also forced us to be very creative in packaging for shipment to Mexico. It was the first shipment over such a distance that we had to deal with. We gained so much valuable experience.
Because of the difficulty of the production process, we ended up staying with just one manufactured piece. Thus Sturnus is totally unique in the world of nixie clocks. The Sturnus clock was done under a jointly founded studio Glowguardian, project of Daniil and Dalibor.


For the first time on this clock, we experimented with integrating a Wi-Fi connection and app-based controls. This experience was later utilized in our other clock models.

About Daniil

Daniil Kondratyev is an experienced professional in vacuum related research, he also has background in design and manufacturing. His enthusiasm and unique approach, lead to finding solutions to complex technical problems. With his own research laboratory and ability to create prototypes and functional products, he is able to bring new innovative elements to projects. He loves challenges and also came up with one himself.
"My first contact with Daniil was on a forum where I shared photos from a book and Daniil was interested in certain things from it. Later we exchanged a few messages from which a collaboration was born."

Private collection

Sturnus clock found its home in a private collection of a customer in Mexico.