Look behind the scenes of nixie tube making

Zen Nixie Clock – Update #4

I am bringing new information regarding the Zen Nixie Clock progress.. Briefly, 99% of all things ready, whole project is now blocked by issues with the aluminum stands.  

Zen Nixie Clock – Update #3

Middle of September is here – expected time of shipment of the Zen Nixie Clocks, let’s take a look at what is ready and what we are waiting for.  

Zen Nixie clock – update #2

New updates regarding the Zen Nixie clock are here! Aluminum parts surface finish I just received first small batch of tube bases from Adruu, Netherlands based company specialised in surface treatments of aluminum parts. The results is amazing – uniform surface, very nice satin texture. The bases are bead blasted first, then bright dipped and eventually […]

Zen nixie clock – development update

The Zen nixie clock is successfully evolving, right time to share the current phase in a post! Display case The case is designed in a minimalistic way to emphasize the nixie tubes themselves. The overal shape of the case and surface finish of the parts will fit every interior. The stand is made of aluminum, […]

The blog is back!

It has been almost two years since my last post on the blog. In 2014, I decided to switch to Facebook and add only short posts with photos. Facebook is great platform for sharing short posts and interact with people, but I found I miss writing more detailed posts. We are now working on several interesting projects […]