Zen nixie clock – development update

Estimate reading time: 2 minutes

The Zen nixie clock is successfully evolving, right time to share the current phase in a post!

Display case

The case is designed in a minimalistic way to emphasize the nixie tubes themselves. The overal shape of the case and surface finish of the parts will fit every interior. The stand is made of aluminum, it sits on 8mm tall rubber feet. The cover is made of glass and protects the tubes against possible damage and also keep away dust.Zen nixie clock with case

Surface finish

Aluminum parts (the stand and nixie tube’s bases) will have satin finish (similar to Apple products), this will give them exclusive look. There will be several options for the colour of the case, right now there are 4 in the game – natural silver, champagne gold, grey, black. All except the black will be mild colours. Which one would you go for? Please leave a feedback in a comment.

The clock stand on the pictures is without any surface treatment!


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