Spectrometer unit

I am step by step disassembling all the helium leak detector I bought recently. There are several things to do.. cleaning the flanges, replacing the o-ring, checking the oil in pumps.. Ron Soyland mentioned that he disassembled also the spectrometer unit to check the filament state, so I decided to do so as well. The unit is pretty simple, I was really surprised..

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Stainless steel etching

I tried to etch a stainless steel today.. I used a mixture of hydrochloric acid (HCl), water and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The peroxide acts here as a catalysator, so when the solution stop etching, just add few mls of it and it start again (as long as there is still some HCl in it..). First 10 seconds after submerging the steel sheet into the etching solution nothing happen then rapid reaction begin 😉 Next I will try 3:1 water:HCl, and gradually adding of H2O2.

I also tried to apply a photoresistive layer on the clean stainless steel sheet, I used czech Positiv 20.

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Helium leak detector (Alcatel ASM 51)

I accidentally skipped several levels in my research and bought a helium leak detector. It was located in France so I had to ask seller to arrange a shipment to Czech republic and.. it arrived yesterday! It is Alcatel ASM 51, 30 years old machine, but if it is working it will be much mightier tool than I actually need 😉 Ron Soyland offered me remote assistance in firing it up (to be honest, I would be hardly able to get it to work without him, thank Ron!), so with little luck it must work!

It weights 150kg, 40kg weight the roughing pumps inside..

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Stainless steel foil finally arrived

I finnaly got a stainless steel foil (316 type) I orded a few months ago from US. I don’t understand why such a primitive thing is impossible to get (or just find) in EU 🙁 The thickness of it is 0.1mm, I was afraid it would be too thin, but it exactly what I need.

I plan to make all electrodes (digits as well as anode mesh) from it, using photo-etching method. It should have nice results..

Some tubes to scavenge..

I got some old non-working tubes to disassemble as Ron Soyland does. There are some nice pieces of material that are I could hardly find else as a molybdenum sheets, nickel sheets and pipes, getters, tungsten electrodes.. It is also nice stuff to study for possible working techniques.

Induction heater

I will try to make an induction heater from common induction cooker. Ron Soyland have already warned me that it will perhaps be impossible due to too low frequency of the induction cookers (60khz, needed is several hundred khz). I will try anyway, it would be so easy to just replace the coil that it is worth of trying it! I started with burning the IGBT transistor, so now I wait for another from China..

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