Spectrometer unit

Estimate reading time: 2 minutes

I am step by step disassembling all the helium leak detector I bought recently. There are several things to do.. cleaning the flanges, replacing the o-ring, checking the oil in pumps.. Ron Soyland mentioned that he disassembled also the spectrometer unit to check the filament state, so I decided to do so as well. The unit is pretty simple, I was really surprised..

The spectrometer unit, overall view (the flange is KF25)

The guts of the unit, view through the KF flange

Disassembled.. Notice the thin oval metal shim around, this is used to make a seal between two aluminium parts of the enclosure.

The filament, in the center of picture

The filament itself..

The filament detail

The filament obviously shows some signs of wear, but I hope it will last for some time 😉 The oxides around it will probably contain an amount of gasses, so it will need a few hours to degas it.