ShanghaiTime nixie clock


ShanghaiTime is a two-tube nixie clock I made for a glass-art contest “When Prague meets Shanghai”. This contest came shortly after I finished first nixie tube prototype (late summer, 2013). It was first opportunity to showcase results of my work. I had only two months to entire process of designing, programming and manufacture of the clock – and I did it, with few hours reserve.


August 2013 – October 2013

  • The ShanghaiTime nixie clock
  • The ShanghaiTime clock
  • The ShanghaiTime clock from top
  • detail
  • The ShanghaiTime clock
  • The ShanghaiTime clock

The base is machined from solid aluminum block, anodized to matte black finish that contrasts with the embedded shiny glass board. There are two laser-engraved circles that are lit from the bottom and works as a pilot light and a seconds indicator.The electronics is based on Arduino and uses precise real time clock chip (battery backed). Nixie tubes are entirely hand-made, I used czech high quality borosillicate glass (Simax). The inner assembly is made of stainless steel, ceramics and mica.

The ShanghaiTime nixie clock was made only in two pieces (not for sale).

ShanghaiTime tubes