Zen Nixie Clock is our first 6-tube clock designed using R|Z568M nixie tubes from our production. The case is designed in a minimalistic way, combining simple aluminum stand and a glass cover – just like a museum vitrine. Thanks to its simple shapes, the clock suits every interior – especially offices, living rooms..

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Zen Nixie Clock, transparent case, black satin

Zen Nixie Clocks in front of the castle where they are built

Zen Nixie Clock features

  • Internet connection – the clock contains a wifi module and is designed to operate online. The time is automatically synchronized from network, so you don’t have to do it manually and there are no other devices necessary (no GPS modules, radio modules etc..). In case of power loss, the clock remembers all the settings and time will be synchronized automatically from internet.
  • Easy online settings – all settings of the Zen Nixie Clock can be controlled online from your user account on our website. No need to search for user guide anytime you want to make changes in settings!
  • Silent circuitry – the clock is absolutely silent, there is no audible noise produced by its electronic parts.
  • Direct driven design – nixie tubes are driven directly, this prolongs their lifetime. Common practice is to use multiplexed driving circuit (which is easier to manufacture and cheaper), but such a driving circuit shorten nixie tube lifetime.
  • Cathode poisoning prevention – the clock can periodically run a cathode poisoning prevention routine. This helps to keep all digits of all tubes in good condition.
  • Rotary knob – for offline users, there is a rotary knob on the back of the board. Using this knob, user can enter into settings menu and do the settings manually. This feature is still in development.
  • Online firmware update – the integrated wifi module makes online firmware updates possible. Whenever there is a new firmware update (new features, bug fixes), your clock can be updated remotely.
  • No blue spot – there are no blue spots in the tubes known from some other clocks (especially clocks built with IN-18 nixie tubes).
  • Colon tubes – the clock support our colon tubes (in development), they will match design of the nixie tubes (by base and internal structure).
  • RGB underlight – there are 8 RGB leds (WS2812B – “neopixels”) on the bottom of the board which make some cool effects possible. Purist customers who prefers nixie tube glow only can set the underlight off. This feature is in development!

Case specification

The case stand is milled from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum which is then powder coated with fine black texture. There are four rubber legs on the bottom of the stand and silicone pads on the top edge just below the glass cover to make soft seat for the glass.

There is a power connector on the back of the stand, the wires going from the connector are hidden in one of the pillars. The electronics board with tubes sits on brass pillars which are goldplated to match the goldplating of the electronics board.

The glass cover is made of white glass without green tint (current photos were made with common green glass), all sides grinded and polished, the individual glass pieces are joined together by UV glue which produces visually almost seamless connection.



Zen Nixie Clock

Zen Nixie Clock

Zen Nixie Clock bottom side

Zen Nixie Clock detail

Zen Nixie Clock detail

Zen Nixie Clock detail

Zen Nixie Clock detail

Zen Nixie Clock detail

Heart of the Zen Nixie Clock – processor with Wifi module

High voltage driver detail

In dark..

Detail of glowing digits

Zen nixie clock in development

Power connector detail

Brass pillars detail (not goldplated yet on the photo)

First batch of clocks in test.

Colon tubes develpment.

Underlight detail.

Underlight feature.

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