The oven update

Estimate reading time: 2 minutes

I am waiting for some stuff to come from US before I can continue building the inert gas manifold.. So I brushed up the parts of the oven for baking the tubes and made some progress on it. I found some Promasil fire-resistant boards in a local shop in 50% sale, perharps Christmas sale 😉 so I bought two of them. They are 50mm thick, so it will be much easier to work with than the previous 25mm boards. I built smaller enclosure with different design of doors, inner dimmensions are 100 x 100 x 150 mm. I mounted the nichrome heating wire inside, total length is 140cm, its input power should be somewhere around 700 watt. To attach the heating wire I drilled the 3mm hole through the wall, made a loop from 0.7 stainless steel wire and poke it from the inner side catching the heating wire. On the outer side of the wall, I made a 10mm hole 10mm deep and bent the ends of the loop into that hole. That hole prevents the loop from touching the metal enclosure what will come on the oven frame. The stainless steel wire is used because iron wire would rust soon due to reaction of hot iron and oxygen from air. Credit goes to Ron, as usually 😉

it could have been a bit more even 🙂

the hole with bent ends of the stainless steel loop are visible here..