Feb|2019 – GIT, OOO clock, Blub

Estimate reading time: 2 minutes


We started using GIT

We are now three people writing software for our devices – Sebastian, Radim, me. The same files need to be accessed from LAN and from internet as well (Sebastian on homeoffice or me from home). So we decided to setup a GIT for our source codes. It turned out that we know it more theoretically than practically – especially administration of the repository, merging branches etc.. But in around a week of practice, we developed a reliable way how to cooperate on the projects efficiently. How could we live without GIT before?


We made progress in development of ceramic case for OOO clock. It is still not good enough – the shrinkage of the ceramics is too high. We will need to make third master model for different ceramic material with different expansion coefficient. This should have been simple thing and became pretty complicated. And expensive. Let’s wait for next batch!

OOO clock development

Blub Nixie Clock

We are working on a Blub Nixie clock – single nixie tube clock. This clock will be capable of showing time on one nixie tube and should become a lower cost option for customers who want to see our tube in operation.

This clock is being developed for MoMA – we got in touch with them on Designblok. MoMA is established museum/design store and an ultimate dream for every designer. I met people from MoMA on Designblok last year and we agreed on developing a product for them. This will be a lesson for us, I want to explore a cooperation with a retailer – until now we were selling all our products directly to customers.

Blub nixie clock

Trivial error, three days of all-team work ruined

A small demonstration how small problem can lead to big loss – the argon gas bottle in our filling machine was emptied, so I went for another bottle. Unfortunatelly, I did it in hurry and took neon bottle without noticing it. I connected it to system, tested vacuum tightness – all good. Three days later (this is time from filling to testing) I noticed weird look of the glow – the tubes were filled with pure neon. A mixture of neon and neon. Thirty tubes ruined, crazy. I think I will never do this mistake again.