A valve for filling the tubes with argon

Estimate reading time: 2 minutes

The high pressure valves from eBay finally arrived yesterday. The seller dailyappliance2010, item number #290804664389. It is not intentionally a vacuum valve, but as Ron reffered, this valves should be leak tight, at least for the purpose of filling the tubes with gas.. I bought two brass adapters with hose nozzle on one side (hole 6mm) and 1/4″ male thread on the another. If the adapter is screwed directly into the valve, it would leak. So I machined a PTFE washers, that are pressed by the brass adapters to the body of the valve. This should form leak tight seal. I will test it on the leak detector in 14 days.

As usually, this design comes from Ron!

There is the valve connected to KF-40 flange via swagelok fitting. The copper tubing is soft soldered into the adapters, also the copper capillary. The copper capillary is twisted so it is more flexible, this will be over-pressure part, so there could be used rubber hose, but I want to avoid plastics and rubber as much as possible. The tube for filling will come instead of the brass fitting in the KF-40 flange.