Tungsten wire

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I started searching for material by looking for tungsten wire.. I found several expensive offers on eBay, too much money for several inches of wire 🙁 Then I wrote several wire manufacturers, there the price/length ratio was much better, but the minimal quantity I had to order was 10kg of wire ($1500) 🙁 Finally, I tried to search for the tungsten wire as a “Wolfram wire” and found one seller in UK, who offered a wire for a reasonable price – 300cm/$5..

It is 0.6mm diameter wire, quite hard and thick, 0.2mm in diameter would be better choice.. The tungsten wire has quite high melting point (3422 °C), so it is fire resistant, I don’t have to be afraid of exposing it into the fire during glass working. That is difference against the copper wires.