Glassworking lathe, part II

Estimate reading time: < 1 minute

I was struggling with a glassworking lathe recently.. All went well, until I tried to start the motor 😉 My original shaft (inside the small bearings) connected to motor’s shaft was made from aluminium. But probably during pressing it into bearings and pulley, it bent slightly, so it became eccentric 🙁 So the shaft was made from scratch from steel and pressed to pulley again.. Unfortunately, the hole in the shaft was drilled 0.2mm bigger, so after locking the motor’s shaft into the hole in steel shaft it was eccentric again 😉 So I removed the screws on the motor holder and let it to prop against another screw.. It looks crazy, but works very well, the holder is moving up and down, but it works.. I placed a small strip of rubber between the holder and screw, now the vibrations aren’t transfered into whole construction and it is less loud..

The belt is made from rubber (road bike tire inner tube), glued by flexible glue and sewed through by common thread. Again, it looks crazy, but works. You can recognize a screw against the belt is propped, this keeps the belt in the center of the pulley. I could cut a groove for the pulley on metal lathe, but that would change the diameter and ratio of drive..

The glass tube is fixed by the screws through the aluminum pipe, it takes 5 minutes to fix the glass tube in it 🙁 It is acceptable for prototyping.. I have to find a way to make better chuck, self centering one..