First chuck finally complete!

Estimate reading time: 2 minutes

I have just finished first chuck for the glass lathe. The last part – worm holder – turned out to be much more easier than I had originally thought. I just drilled a hole into U holder cut (laser cut), cut a half of the hole and got a groove for the worm axis. All these operations were done in 4 independent jaws chuck, pretty handy stuff!

The hole for M4 holding nut was also made this way:

The worm gears were made of standard M12 nut.

The U holder before mounting on the lathe base.

All gears attached…

Eeach jaw has a groove on the bottom, it is here to allow the jaw to be rotated over the thread of the worm gear – look on the photo below. The  groove was also cut on 4 jaws chuck.

Detail of the groove on the jaws..

Overall view..

Chuck mounted on metal lathe chuck 😉 Just for testing purposes..