Argon arrived

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I’ve finally got an argon bottle, 1.3m³ of pure argon (99.996%) pressed in 8l bottle. It is pretty heavy 😉 The argon was chosen because it is has similar features to neon, but is much cheaper and – the most important – it is available..

File:Paschen Curves.PNG

This image comes from Wikipedia. The argon compared to neon has a little lower voltage needed for discharge, that’s useful..

This bottle + argon cost $100, refill costs $20, argon valve costs $25. Neon nonrefillable bottle with 12 atmospheric litres of neon (compare to 1300 litres of argon..) costs also $100, simple valve without gauges costs $150, evacuable valve costs $250 🙁

The argon discharge is pink-blue, but is much dimmer than orange neon, that is the reason why neon is used in most of dicharge tubes.. I noticed only some bargraph and dekatrons filled with argon.


Reduction valve..

My dog 😉 and a bottle with argon at the background..

Reduction valve mounted..