R|Z568M tube warranty

All R|Z568M tubes purchased before 31 December 2016 comes with unlimited warranty, all R|Z568M tubes purchased later comes with 10 years warranty.

The warranty covers:

  • defects in workmanship and material
  • defects of the digit’s glow (not fully lit digits)
  • defects of gas mixture (leaks, excessive outgasing)

The warranty doesn’t cover:

  • issues caused by usage of excessive current (over ~7mA) – please refer to Technical data for current specifications.
  • damage of a product resulting from negligence
  • damage of a product resulting from unauthorized modification of the product
  • damage caused by natural disaster
  • theft or loss of the product

The warranty is counted from date of delivery to customer.


What actually is “unlimited warranty”?

The unlimited warranty covers any defects in workmanship and material and is not limited in time. This warranty is offered for tubes purchased until 31 December 2016 on R|Z568M tube. There are two reasons to offer this kind of warranty:

  • To make our production process better – Every tube failure is disappointing for customer, but for us it is important opportunity to study the failure mechanism and eventually improve the production process.
  • A way how to thank our very first customers – Our first customers played key role in whole business of nixie tube resurrection. They trusted this daring guy from eastern Europe who claimed to be able to bring the nixie tube technology back. An unlimited warranty for tubes they bought is my way how to thank them.

Will I get unlimited warranty when I purchase tubes in 2016 with delivery in 2017?

Yes, all tubes purchased in 2016 gets the unlimited warranty, even when they are delivered in 2017.

Why do you limit warranty to 10 years in 2017? It is suspicious.

The reason to limit the warranty is not because I would make compromises on quality or changed material or make any other changes that would make the manufacture cheaper and tubes last less. It is because I simply need to limit the warranty to some period of time, it is not possible to keep warranty forever for an electronic device with limited lifespan. 10 years is still very generous warranty. Original nixie tubes back in 60s were offered with 1 year warranty.

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