R|Z568M Nixie Tube, stainless steel base

R|Z568M Nixie Tube



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Dalibor Farny


The name of R|Z568M relates to one of the original nixie tubes made back in 60’s – a Z568M. The R in its name means resurrection. I wanted to pay tribute to old engineers from RFT company who chose this name and I decided to keep it, so together it makes “R|Z568M”.
Original Z568M was manufactured in East Germany by RFT, a tube making company. I personally find this tube most beautiful nixie tube ever. Vintage font, nice inner structure, eye-catching proportions, this was the reason why I took this tube as an inspiration for my first tube design – R|Z568M.

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Stainless steel, Black Satin


single tube, six tube set

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