The oven for baking out the nixie tubes

Estimate reading time: 2 minutes

I almost finished the oven for baking out nixie tubes.. I had to replace the heating element because the previous one melted 😀 The only thing I had to add is the fuse 😉

The oven will work up to 500°C, I plan to bake the tubes at temperature of 480°C. The limiting element is the temperature sensor, it is rated for 600°C. The PID controller (MyPin TA4) works to 1200°C, the fire-resistant board (white material) should work up to 1150°C. I limited the power to 200W, the oven goes to 450°C in 45 minutes.

If You are interested in details, just ask in comments..

As usually, I thanks to Ron for his patience and help with building that stuff!

The overall view of the vacuum system with the oven mounted..

PID controlled on the left, K-type thermocouple in the center (goes through the oven wall), SSR in the right upper corner and light dimmer used as a power controller.

Dirty job 🙁