HV Power supply

Estimate reading time: < 1 minute

This PSU was made according to Lindsay’s PSU here: 40-400V, 20W power supply. I would like to thank for the writing of that great howto.

I only added analog voltmeter (with some hundreds kΩ in series – to measure the voltage right), it also discharge the capacitor after turning the PSU of – for safety. I used different mosfet (IRF840), 150 μH inductor, 1nF capacitor C4, 0.110Ω R1, different transistors (2n2222, mpsa92) and 10k multiturn pot with appropriate R2 for setting the voltage.

Overall view, red socket is HV, black is GND, neon lamp in the middle, the screws on the upper side hold the aluminum cooler. On the right side is multiturn pot.