Mid 2017 update

Recent 6 months were pretty busy, we now make much faster progress in development of our little nixie tube factory than anytime ever.

This blogpost is a summary of our successes and also problems we face to. Let’s take a look what’s been going on here:

Zen Nixie Clock

The Zen Nixie Clock is what has been making us really busy. Since summer 2016, we’ve shipped over 100 clocks and have received great feedback from customers. Apart from nixie tubes themselves, customers like minimalistic design and also electronic features of our clock (internet connectivity with automatic time synchronization, clock settings accessible from website, easy online update with new firmware etc..) and level of craftmanship. The Zen clock is now our main product and project which pays the bills.

Zen clock was also a complex lesson regarding to understanding of who is our customer, motivation to get the clock and most important – customer’s expectations! All these information are invaluable for our future creations.

We now ship 1-4 clocks every week, in a bit unpredictable pace. With 18 suppliers involved (just the clock, not counting the tubes!), issues (and delays) appears regularly.

We now have 34 orders for Zen clocks. We were shipping at lower pace than orders were coming, so I decided to stop taking new orders to catch up. I expect to finish all these orders in 3 months, then I would like to open orders again – stay tuned (http://www.daliborfarny.com/newsletter/)!

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