Oxygen concentrator

I decided to switch to oxygen concentrators from liquid oxygen in tanks. The tank is empty really fast and getting a full one is bothering, time and money consuming 😉 So I bought a slightly used Oxymat 3 from eBay, it was sold as-is and I counted with some malfunction. This one is a new model and has only 4760 hours on it, the price was 150 EUR. When I turned the oxycon on, it started to beep and signalised a problem with red LED. So I took it apart and found one plastic fitting broken, it was the fitting what is connected to the can with sieve material. This fitting has a G 1/8 thread, I found one brass fitting with that thread in my stock, so I mounted it into the can sealing it with a teflon tape. The pressure in the can is around 2 bar (30 PSI), not much.. So the  seal by teflon tape is OK here. I insert a 6mm OD copper tubing in the place of the original fitting and connected it to the brass fitting with PVC hose.

Two sieve cans, the right one has a broken outlet.. Read more

Another update: digits for nixie tubes

It has been some time since my last blog post, don’t be afraid, I am still working on nixie tube project! Around 2-3 hours a day in average. I am building a shed on the garden where I will place all the workshop. I hope it will be finished in one month.

I am also parallely working on the last parts of the whole nixie tube project. One of the most important things are the inner metal parts, I originally planned to etch them myself, but that project became so complicated that I try to outsource as many processes as I can (as I can afford 😉 ). So I found a great local company making etched parts for model makers, we agreed on a test etching and there are the results:

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