May 19, 2014 Dalibor

Looking for a few crazy enthusiasts!


Do You count yourself as a nixie tube enthusiast?

Would You like to become a part of nixie tube’s rebirth?

I worked really really hard past two years, on full time basis, putting a small scale nixie tube manufacture together and I am almost ready now.. I designed first nixie clock with tubes made by myself and the only thing I need now is a handful of customers, crazy enough to rush in and help me with testing!

You are going to get:

– An amazing single-tube clock controlled via amplifier-like rotary knob, with geeky 3D printed case. The nixie tube has 50mm tall numbers and is made using the latest technologies (in nixie tube manufacture), incorporating helium leak testing for 100% vacuum tight seals, high vacuum pumping, pure gases, getter, a mercury dispenser for long-life. I put many hours of handwork into each tube.

– The electronics itself based on AVR AtMega328 mcu with Arduino, uses high quality parts for long life and efficience. It uses a highly precise DS3231 RTC chip for timekeeping. The clock will be delivered as a kit with a comprehensive manual, You will enjoy a lot of fun with assembling the case and soldering the boards!

– The funcionality is only as a clock, no alarm is present. However, the clock functionality is tuned, You can choose from various options of displaying the time (fading, flipping)..

– Each clock and tube has its own serial number, first customer gets #1, the second gets #2…

– 10 years warranty for both electronics and the nixie tube – one of the rules I based my work on is long life span, even if it means extra time and extra money spent for me.

The estimated date of shipping of that test-batch is in the middle of June 2014.

You are going to give:

– A reduced price, including economy shipping (10-20 days). Shipping via UPS Express Saver (2-3 days) would cost $15 more (only for US, CA available now). 30% to be paid now, the rest just before shipping, PayPal welcome. The prepayment is due by 31 May. Orders to be placed via email:, phone +420 724 321 571, comment under the post or Facebook message.

– And your feedback of course 😉


As You can see, I present only brief information, I want to keep all the photos/details/clock name for the real product launch, once it is ready and tested by You! Isn’t that going to be a great surprise package? 😉

Thank You,

Dalibor Farny




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  1. Michael Seaton

    Sign me up! I’ve built 6-7 Nixie clock kits so far and have been experimenting with Nixies of various sizes, from 4998’s to 7037’s. I’d like to help…

    • Dalibor

      Hi Michael, You are in! Thank You a lot, I will contact You continuously with details. Dalibor

    • Dalibor

      Hi Terry! Thank You for your interest, I will contact You via email. Dalibor

  2. Tom

    Are there still test kits available? What does it cost? If not, what will a tube cost? what sizes do they have? I’m looking for a good replacement for IN18 tubes. Keep up the work! I like it!

  3. Der_Chris feat. AndY

    Hi Dalibor,

    a friend of me and myself both from Germany building a lot of Nixie Clocks, VU meters etc. in the Past.

    All the Way looking for something new like Ideas and designs.

    On this way we found your Site about your amazing Work.

    So we would like to get 2 of your Nixie´s Test Sets ( hope they are allways aviable)

    Means one for me one for my Friend Andy


    Der_Chris feat. AndY

  4. David Doyle

    I am interested, are these sets still available and how much would one cost?

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