October 30, 2013 Dalibor

Introducing: ShanghaiTime nixie clock

Soooo.. After six weeks of intensive development, I am posting first photo of finished ShanghaiTime clock. As I already wrote, I designed this clock for a glass-art contest “When Prague Meets Shanghai” arranged by a czech company producing high-end glass chandeliers called Preciosa. I plan to write more, attach some photos of the innards, electronics etc., this blogpost is just about to share my excitement from how great it turned out to be on a photo!

The ShanghaiTime clock, photo: janskrasek.com

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  1. How do you do it? You are a wizard! Kidding aside, Dalibor, you are great, this is amazing work.

  2. Dalibor

    Hi Jens!

    Thanks for the compliment!

    I am definitely not a wizard, it is just about a plenty of time spent on the project, hard work and stubbornness! 😉

  3. Wow, paráda, gratuluji! Čekal jsem, že to bude vypadat dobře… nicméně výsledek předčil mé očekávání!!!

    • Dalibor

      Díky! Musím ještě trošku zesvětlit tu fotku.. Ať to je lépe vidět 😉

  4. Evzen

    Awesome work!
    Please, can you make a photo with numbers “42” ? It will answer many questions =) . Thanks.

  5. Karel

    Unikatni digitrony, ultimatni design, nekompromisni realizace… Tohle je estetickej orgasmus na monitoru. Fantazie. Blahopreju.
    Az v budouci pracovne vymaluju, polozim podlahu a sestavim nabytek, tak si taky zacnu hrat. 🙂 Az na to, ze ja budu muset pouzit stary digitrony co mam nekde v krabici. 😐

    • Dalibor

      Jsem rád, že se líbí! nejsou původní digitrony ještě hezčí? 😉

  6. Clarke Payne


    Great work and inspiring me to get back in the shop.
    Still trying to track down some of the guys from the glass factory for accurate details.
    Thanks for the updates and for inspiration.


  7. Owen Hann

    Those are really cool! From reading about all the trials and errors making these things, it is an amazing result!
    Have you ever thought about using other gasses to get different colours?
    How did you go in the competition? I bet the glass people didn’t even realise how impressive it is to make a nixie – having to get glass/metal bonds, gas mixtures, pressures…. It’s a lot more than blowing a simple chandelier!
    And you realise of course you are probably the only person on the planet that is now making these things!
    Keep up the inspiring work,
    Owen (Australia)

    • Dalibor

      Hello Owen,

      thank You for nice words! It was actually difficult way, however I eventually managed to make my own nixie tubes.

      About other colours – it is very difficult, there is no other gas with so bright glow, neon is unique. Argon is another possibility, but it is very dim and You wont see it on daylight.

      The competition ends in two weeks, I am pretty nervous 😉

      You are right – I feel like outsider among those glass artist, it is so different from their way of work.. There is now another person close to making his own nixie tubes, I hope he will reveal his work soon!



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