First chuck finally complete!

I have just finished first chuck for the glass lathe. The last part – worm holder – turned out to be much more easier than I had originally thought. I just drilled a hole into U holder cut (laser cut), cut a half of the hole and got a groove for the worm axis. All these operations were done in 4 independent jaws chuck, pretty handy stuff!

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More sofisticated glow tube :-)

I started training glassblowing, the glass tube mounted in my metal lathe. It is not so easy as I had thought! Right flame, right temperature, right pressure on the glass.. Many aspects of the working with glass to learn.. By this simple project, I want to practise:

  • Making the leak-tight stem
  • Sealing the previously prepared stem into glass tube
  • Blowing of the round end on the glass tube
  • Making a tee-joint for evacuation pipe
  • Leak detection
  • Pumping and tipping of the tube
The latter two steps were still not made, but I am going to put it right soon!

There is a moisture in the tube, so it is a bit blurry.
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A valve for filling the tubes with argon

The high pressure valves from eBay finally arrived yesterday. The seller dailyappliance2010, item number #290804664389. It is not intentionally a vacuum valve, but as Ron reffered, this valves should be leak tight, at least for the purpose of filling the tubes with gas.. I bought two brass adapters with hose nozzle on one side (hole 6mm) and 1/4″ male thread on the another. If the adapter is screwed directly into the valve, it would leak. So I machined a PTFE washers, that are pressed by the brass adapters to the body of the valve. This should form leak tight seal. I will test it on the leak detector in 14 days.

As usually, this design comes from Ron!

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