Another photos..

I have almost no time to spend on nixies recently (moving to new house, newborn twins..), so there are some photos of my previous work.. It is mostly preparing of tools for work in the future..

A glassworking torch, oxy-gas.. Read more

Some progress

Altough I haven’t written any post recently, I am spending almost all my free time on the nixie tubes making (or better – trying to make 🙂 ).  I am quite busy these days, mostly because of newborn twins ;-)..

I built new spot welder (a tranformer based one) with a pincher and a stem fixture that allows me  to make quite nice stems. Now, I am working on glass lathe, completely new design, big thanks to Ron Soyland aka Tubecrafter. There are some photos of my progress on the glass lathe, more photos later..

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